Nannies/ Governesses

niania1We know that every parent needs help with a newborn child. Need a sure that baby grow up under the watchful nanny's eye, who is warm and wise We also understand that sometimes you want to relax and have some time for yourself.

‘Your Nanny’ will help you to find a qualified midwife or nanny for the baby.

Dear Mom, maybe you are thinking about returning to work after maternity leave or parental leave, and you are wondering how to combine the care of baby with work responsibilities. Maybe you work from home and need a few hours of concentration. If you want to be sure that your child is well cared for, well developed and fun - we'll help you find a qualified nanny for your child.

Dear parent, if your child is in nursery or in school and you think has a special talent in languages, math or art. You want to develop your child skills under the guidance of qualified teacher or tutor, YOUR NANNY can help you. We offer professional person who can work individually with your child. For our nannies and governesses the most important are needs and potential of your child.

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