niania1At your request, we provide care for the youngest participants in the events. Arrangements games and activities are carried out by young, qualified and experienced teaching staff. Under the supervision of children moving into the world of fun and fantasy.

Animations for children at parties are adjusted for age (2 to 10 years) and children's preferences, so each one is sure to find something for everyone. With us all children will feel extremely exceptional and parents will have the assurance that their children are under the care of a professional.

We strive to provide children with unforgettable experiences, while maintaining maximum security.

Our team of experienced animators will organise the time your kids in a place of your choice. We also propose to organise an event in the playroom ‘Zabawuś’.

We offer playing in art corner, garden games, balloon twist, face painting, fun with a cloth animation, games, and music movement. We provide co-operation with parents and organisers in creating theme events. We offer the opportunity to lead the event in English language. At your request children can have a fun with magician or clown John.

All fun and games stimulate the imagination of children, teach the principles, develop cunning and intelligence.

For us, the most important is safety and good fun for children.

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please phone 518-858-304

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